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VANQUISH® – large-scale high-frequency field is a true revolution in aesthetic medicine. Thanks to VANQUISH® technology LAHF (Large area of high-frequency field) suppression of adipose tissue is non-invasive, non-contact and automated. Body sculpting has never been so effective and simple!!!

When many systems based on the use of energy and of its non-invasiveness, with the rise of a new device VANQUISH® by BTL Aesthetics managed to create a truly painless and efficient method of removal of adipose tissue. Among the wide variety of treatments and a variety of available methods of aesthetic medicine VANQUISH® uses a newly invented energy technologies Selective HF. VANQUISH® is a device that incorporates technology LAHF (large-field high-frequency current) that can remove even deeply located body fat making body contouring becomes extremely easy, effective and safe for the patient.


Use of a device VANQUISH®

VANQUISH® is currently used in topical areas of accumulated fat such as the abdomen, flanks, inner thighs, outer thighs, buttocks, but with the design and appearance on the new applicators market possibility of using the device in different parts of the body greatly expand. All inventions evolve with time and the VANQUISH® - only starting to see the possibilities.


How does VANQUISH® work?

VANQUISH® is an incredible technological leap and is unlike any RF device that can be found on the market. Applicator-generator unit VANQUISH® circumferentially supplies energy, only to the tissue of specific resistance, so that the action of HF energy is concentrated in adipose tissue, while preventing the formation of high temperature in the other tissues. Multipolar, focused field is shaping an electromagnetic energy field to optimize and maximize the penetration of the surface treatment, which means that the system automatically adjusts the peripheral power supply so that it hit the exact destination without the risk of skin burns or overheating muscles or internal organs. Subcutaneous fat has a different absorption properties, which is associated with a reduced water content and relatively less blood supply. Using this capability, unit can selectively and preferentially "smelt" fat from the body. While the skin is cooled by the air safely, focused LAHF accurately affects adipose tissue situated deeply. As a result of oscillation (vibration) of polar molecules, the temperature reaches the selected tissue appropriate therapeutic level (46 ° C) accelerating the metabolism of the cells and thus increasing their lipolysis.

VANQUISH® and other devices :

VANQUISH® , as well as EXILIS® - earlier, unipolar RF device by BTL Aesthetics could be the gold standard in the industry of aesthetic medicine. VANQUISH® however, presents a whole new approach to the problem of eliminating fat. Instead of using a typical point source of RF, VANQUISH® uses a plate-type applicator that emits RF energy over a large area of ​​the body. Instead of moving the applicator on the skin, VANQUISH® is located on the belly for a limited time. While other shaping devices require the operator to apply energy in a continuous manner, VANQUISH® allows for the development of the entire area at the same time, significantly shortens the time of treatment.


Treatment safety :

VANQUISH® is completely painless, safe way to reduce subcutaneous fat. The initial temperature increase in adipose tissue is monitored, but basically it works in a fully automated fashion. A number of studies and tests confirmed that adipose tissue is gradually heated till the temperature reaches about 45-46 ° C, while the skin temperature remains at 40-41 ° C, which protects the delicate structure of overheating. A revolutionary way to deliver energy and distinctive design of the handset makes this "non-contact" approach almost revolutionary. VANQUISH® is a huge leap forward in terms of design, patient comfort, efficiency and safety considerations.

Amazing results of researches :

Ultrasonic test conducted after the treatment showed a nearly 60% reduction in body fat (from 7.6 mm to 2.9mm), which demonstrates a significant impact on fat cells and the extraordinary efficiency of the treatment. Histological studies showed that the structure of the epidermis, the skin and similar such as the hair follicles are not substantially altered during treatment.


The course of treatment :

During the 30 minute session, the patient lies under an ergonomically designed panel (applicator) who is set on the target area of ​​the body at a distance of at least 1 - 2 cm from the skin. In this way the energy based on RF system is supplied to the fat cells induce them to apoptosis that is planned natural cell death, which is entirely natural phenomenon. In order to achieve optimal results we recommend a series of treatments including 4 sessions of 30 minutes at intervals of one week.

Effects of 1 series of 4 treatments VANQUISH®





Contraindications for treatment VANQUISH® :
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • cancer (strictly for chemotherapy and cancer)
  • inflammation of the skin (bacterial, viral, fungal)
  • a heart pacemaker
  • implants / areas after they have been removed, damaged implants, metal parts
  • swelling
  • thermo-hipestesis (abnormal sense of the difference in temperature)
  • thermo-hiperestesis (excessive heat or cold sensation)
  • advanced narrowing of the arteries and advanced atherosclerosis, arterial occlusive disease
  • kidney or liver disease
  • cardiovascular disorders (valvular heart disease, heart failure, myocardial infarction)
  • thrombophlebitis and thrombosis, varicose veins, thrombo-occlusive vasculitis
  • Sudeck syndrome
  • Gravesa-Basedow disease
  • sweating
  • epilepsy
  • insert intrauterine contraceptive containing metal
  • mestruation



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